Total Sulfur in Diesel and Liquid Fuels

The SLA-1000 Sulfur in Liquid Analyzer is designed for high-speed online analysis of total sulfur in a variety of liquids such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet fuels. Total sulfur detection is accomplished utilizing patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) that has been field proven to be a reliable detection method that meets the performance requirements of ASTM D5453. The Excimer detection technology allows standard bottled air to be used as the combustion gas, reducing utility costs and increasing operational safety compared to other analyzers that may require pure oxygen.

Having passed CSA certification, the SLA-1000 has demonstrated exceptional analytical performance enabling EPA mandated 10 ppm Tier-3 objectives to be easily met. Instrument operation is simplified with intuitive and user-friendly software, with an added feature that allows averaging of high-speed analyzer data for enhanced analytical precision.

The graphs below demonstrate repeatability for the first 30 minutes and eight-hour portions of an uninterrupted 72-hour repeatability test of a customer-provided diesel sample. Using the above mentioned averaging feature with a moving average of 3 analysis, or 5-min. response time, achieved an RSD of 0.63% at a concentration of 6.78 ppm/wt. sulfur was obtained during the 8-hour run, and an outstanding 0.74% RSD over the 72-hour run.

SLA-1000 Beta 8-hr repeatability results
SLA-1000 Beta 8 hour repeatability result
SL-1000 Beta 72 hour repeatability test result