Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen in Fuels and Chemicals

Regulatory agencies around the world have been implementing increasingly stricter fuel emissions guidelines over the past decades to limit air pollution. Regulations such as the American Tier III, European Euro 6 or the Indian Bharat VI set quantitative limits on the permissible amount of specific pollutants that can be released during combustion. Sulfur and Nitrogen are both controlled under these regulations due to the health and environmental impact of their oxides: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), commonly referred to as NOx.

In order to measure sulfur and nitrogen content in fuels, chemicals and petrochemicals, ATOM designed the XT-2000 laboratory analyzer for both Total Sulfur (TS) and Total Nitrogen (TN) measurements. The XT-2000 utilizes patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) technology for TS measurement and proprietary Chemiluminescence (CL) technology for TN measurement offering exceptional sensitivity that does not require a vacuum pump minimizing maintenance requirements and improving analytical stability. The XT-2000 provides accurate, precise and fast analysis for a broad range of samples with a typical analysis time of 3 minutes or less.

The XT-2000 demonstrates outstanding linearity for 0-100 ng/┬ÁL TS/TN in isooctane standards with excellent 0.9998 and 0.9995 correlation for both TS and TN measurements. Results for various fuels and chemicals presented on the following page show TS and TN content from ppb level to 31.45 ppm/wt (TS) / 12.48 ppm/wt (TN). All samples were analyzed 5 times with an RSD of 2% or better for samples above 1 ppm. The XT-2000 provides outstanding repeatability, stability and reliability for both Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen measurements

xt-2000 total SUlfur and Nitrogen analysis peak
SampleSulfur Concentration (ppm)SD (ppm)RSD (%)Nitrogen Concentration (ppm)SD (ppm)RSD (%)
RFG 110.440.0111.107.720.0162.05
RFG 231.450.1280.418.070.0680.84
RFG 35.010.0531.064.520.061.33
ULSD 30.940.0202.1612.480.1951.56
ULSD 48.110.0720.8910.500.0970.92
ULSD 55.910.0380.6410.50.0970.92
ULSD 10.620.0345.420.50.0295.20
ULSD 26.400.0430.670.950.0323.40
Toluene (Technical Grade)2.060.0341.670.410.0071.74
Xylene (Technical Grade)0.340.0226.520.400.0143.53
Acetone (Technical Grade)0.070.02738.520.330.0843.53
Methanol (Technical Grade)0.110.04438.260.420.0153.57
Xt-2000 Result graphs