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Sample Conditioning Systems 

Sample Conditioning Systems SCS

ATOM offers well-designed sample conditioning systems engineered for use with our analyzers. Each sample conditioning system is specifically designed for the application and optimal performance of our analyzers.

  • Gas Sampling System
  • Liquid to Gas Sampling System
  • Liquid Sampling System

ATOM recommends proper sampling system design for the intended product to be analyzed, process conditions and installation environment.

Complies with ASTM standards

  • D5453: total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon
  • D6667: total sulfur in gas hydrocarbon and LPG
  • D7551: total volatile sulfur in gas hydrocarbon and LPG
  • D4629: total nitrogen in liquid hydrocarbon


  • Apply our Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) Technology to your application
  • Easily suitable for outdoor use in any industrial environment
  • Stable, reliable and accurate measurement
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Simplifies difficult process measurements
  • Increase accuracy
  • Make new measurements possible

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