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Flare Gas

Easily Measure Total Sulfur in Flare Gas Applications

ATOM Instrument Offers Fast On-Line Total Sulfur Analyzers for Flare Gas

The ATOM FGA-1000 is an online process analyzer ATOM fga1000 Analyzer utilizing patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) Technology to measure total sulfur in a variety of applications such as monitoring refinery flare gas and subsequent sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions as mandated by the EPA Rule 40 CFR 60, Subpart Ja.

The FGA-1000 has the highest dynamic measurement range of any commercially available analyzer, requiring only a single point calibration without the need for additional sample valves, calibration gases or system hardware.  It provides complete TRS Data resulting in the total analysis of all sulfur compounds potentially present in flare gas streams, not just the analysis of a few selected sulfur compounds as with GC-type applications.

Certification or CGA (Cylinder Gas Audit) is seamlessly provided by the incorporated calibration switching configuration and corresponding software menus for easy compliance testing. In addition, the FGA-1000 does not require installation in an enclosed shelter.

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