EIM-1000 External Injection Module

ATOM Instrument offers tools and accessories to meet the growing challenging needs and demands of the analytical world. The ATOM EIM-1000 External Injection Module is built for safe, fast and reliable handling of gas and LPG samples with seamless integration to the ATOM XT Series laboratory Total Sulfur/Total Nitrogen analyzer. The efficient and compact design reduces required benchtop space to a minimum, while allowing easy access to internal module components. The EIM-1000 combined with the XT series analyzers provides unmatched analytical performance making it suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries.]

EIM-1000 with Flowcell
  • Meets ASTM D6667 and D4629 Requirements
  • Exceptional Analytical Performance
  • All-in-One Gas and LPG Module
  • Electrically Actuated Valves
  • Safe Operations
  • Small Overall Size
  • Full Integration with XT Series Software

Efficient Design

The EIM-1000 is available as either a lower pressure version (500 psi/35 bar) with flow meter for applications requiring verified sample flow or high- pressure sight glass version (1,000 psi/70 bar) for applications where extended sample pressures are required. The proprietary EIM-1000 sample transfer system ensures a low reactivity path for efficient transfer for optimal analytical measurement.

All-in-One Module

The EIM-1000 can be used for both gas and LPG samples. Conveniently located valves and flowmeters allows users to adjust sample flow rate* for consistent sampling. The EIM-1000 incorporates the capability to provide pad pressure for sample cylinders to maintain compositional integrity of the product.

Built-in Safety

  • Relief   valves   ensure   equipment   integrity   & operator safety
  • Sample vent to allow discharge of unused product before removing samples
  • All 24 VDC system to minimize electrical risks
  • Heating  elements  below  T3  temperature  rating, typical of hydrocarbon autoignition temperature
  • Electric valves to reduce instrument air usage

Easy to Use

The EIM-1000 operation is fully integrated with the XT Series and managed directly through the Laboratory User Interface (LUI). The LUI software operates the electrically actuated gas and LPG valves independently while giving users full control over the analyzer operations.

Outstanding Analytical Preformance

EIM-1000 Response chart
RunResult (ppm)
RSD (%)0.97

The table to the above displays results of a 10.0 ppm/wt. dimethyl sulfide in instrument-grade butane sample acquired with an XT-2000 combined with the EIM-1000. The 10 run-graph above showcases the analytical performance and high speed of analysis of the XT-2000/EIM-1000 system.

Analytical Performance (XT Series with EIM-1000)   
Measurement MethodTotal SulfurExcimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF)
Total NitrogenChemiluminescence
ASTM MethodsTotal SulfurD6667, D7551
Total NitrogenD4629
Measurement RangeTotal Sulfur0-10%*
Total Nitrogen0-10%*
RepeatabilityTotal Sulfur30 ppb or 2% whichever is greater
Total Nitrogen30 ppb or 2% whichever is greater
Analysis Time3 minutes (Typical)
Typical Sample Size10 ┬ÁL for LPG, 2.5 mL for Gases
Utility Requirements
Power90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
GasesCarrier at 20 SCCM, 3 bar (40 psig)
Physical Parameters
Dimensions304 mm (12.0 in) Wide x 381 mm (15.0 in) Deep x 414 mm (16.3 in) High
Weight9 kg (20 lb)
*Dependent on user application