Word From Our President

During the past several years, we have experienced extraordinary growth and change at ATOM Instrument, due to our continued commitment to teamwork, technology-focused product strategies and to our policy of placing the trust of our customers above all else. We have successfully reached key milestones, expanded research and development initiatives, achieved significant technological advancements and initiated our position as a premier manufacturer and developer of analytical instrumentation. In the face of challenging economic conditions, we are finding new ways to provide solutions to an evolving industry landscape to ensure ATOM remains the brightest light on the marketplace.

The upcoming years will be exciting as we continue to broaden our business efforts and move from promise to product. We have set increasingly ambitious goals, but possess the passionate vision and resources to achieve them. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to bring specialty products to this niche market, and we know the steps we need to take are simply an extension of what we have been doing successfully since our inception. Simultaneously, we plan to continue responding to market challenges and expand our line of analyzers with products incorporating enhanced features in order to engage a wider customer base. Consequently, we have set an aggressive timeline for the development of new products to fulfill our commitment to a “total sulfur and nitrogen analysis solution.”

One of our customers has described our success story as “more a marathon than a sprint.” We take pride in this characterization and embrace it as the philosophy for our operations as a successful business is built on sustainable and reliable growth. In recent years, we’ve grown our business substantially, yet managed to never waiver from our promise to deliver the very best products and service to our valued customers. ATOM is building the analyzer tools of tomorrow, hearing the markets’ demands and we are ready to meet the challenges. Watch us closely; the next five years will be a defining notch in ATOM’s timeline.

I credit each of our devoted employees for making these past years such a success in turbulent times. I would also like to extend my thanks to our customers and our suppliers for their unfailing sense of devotion, responsibility, guidance, and support, without which our Excimer UVF light would have surely extinguished long ago.

Franek Olstowski, President/Founder

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