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Innovation for Total Sulfur-Nitrogen Applications

Innovative Sulfur-Nitrogen Analyzer

ATOM Instrument manufactures laboratory and online elemental analyzers for total sulfur-nitrogen applications in liquids, solids, and gases, providing practical and innovative measurement solutions to the petroleum, petrochemical, and pipeline industries. 

Through our constant research and development work we know the challenges in the different fields of applications. Our measuring instruments analyze the total sulfur in butane, diesel, and other liquid fuels. Furthermore, it analyzes the total sulfur and total nitrogen in fuels and chemicals.  

Total Sulfur in LNG Natural Gas

Accurate low-level measurement of Total Sulfur in natural gas and related LNG products is becoming increasingly important. The ATOM SGA-1000 online process analyzer incorporates patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) technology and is ideally suited for measurement of Total Sulfur in a variety of applications, including low-level sulfur analysis in hydrocarbon products and process streams.

Total Sulfur in Diesel and Liquid Fuels

The SLA-1000 Sulfur in Liquid Analyzer is designed for high-speed online analysis of total sulfur in a variety of liquids such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet fuels, and meets the performance requirements of ASTM D5453. The Excimer detection technology allows standard bottled air to be used as the combustion gas, reducing utility costs and increasing operational safety compared to other analyzers that may require pure oxygen.

Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen in Fuels and Chemicals

Regulatory agencies around the world have been implementing increasingly stricter fuel emissions guidelines over the past decades to limit air pollution. Regulations such as the American Tier III, European Euro 6 or the Indian Bharat VI set quantitative limits on the permissible amount of specific pollutants that can be released during combustion. Sulfur and Nitrogen are both controlled under these regulations due to the health and environmental impact of their oxides: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), commonly referred to as NOx.

Trace Sulfur in Butane and other Gas/LNG Applications

Driven by an increasing need for Total Sulfur trace analysis in gas and LNG products, ATOM Instrument developed the TraceS-1000. This remarkable online process analyzer incorporates patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) technology and is specifically designed for measurement of Trace Total Sulfur content in applications that require the ultimate in low-level sensitivity, such as polymer-related applications. One application where the TraceS-1000 has demonstrated exceptional analytical performance is the measurement of total sulfur in butane at the Ultra Low Range of 0-1000 ppb/vol.

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